State of the University Address

Dr. Denise Doyle, acting president, held a state of the University on Oct 27. where she talked about the challenges UIW is working on and her plans for our university’s future.


Broadcast – October 27, 2016

UIWtv’s fourth broadcast brings you the best in news, sports, and entertainment from around campus, the city, and the world.


Presidential Election Panel

With the 2016 presidential election just around the corner, a panel consisting of some very important people seek to inform our students about the two candidates.


Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Festival at The Pearl

The Texas Butterfly Ranch put on the Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Festival at The Historic Pearl. Festival goers learned about the migration of monarch butterflies and even witnessed a butterfly release.


UIWtv Broadcast – October 11, 2016

UIWtv brings you the latest in sports, news, and entertainment.


Edwin Blanton’s Dissertation Defense

Edwin Blanton presented his doctoral research findings to students and faculty.